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Config Jive Messenger to Jabber Client

Hi All,

I am New to the Jabber and Jive… I am trying to set up a Private IM system for my firm…

I have installed JM on my system, which is a windows 2k Pro.

My computer name is server with a static IP of[/b], i have 15 other system on the network and i am able to access the admin console on all this system by giving http://server:9090[/b] which confirms that, JM is setup correctly.I have a netgear router, the helps me connect all the Workstations. Firewalls was also Disabled

If someone could help we in configure a jabber client to the JM would be a great help. I have tried GAIM, PSI.

I have give the username: username@server

but i get a msg the not able to connect to server.

Kindly could someone help in getting the client config correct.

  • Jabberhp.

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Strange. If you are able to conenct to http://server:9090 on all systems you should be able to add username@server users. If every system recognize servername i think it’'s in a DNS or hosts.

Well, you can always try to config jabber client putting IP instead of name, like username@

When adding bookmarks to a chat rooms you can use “server” and not IP. This name will be taken from service information.

I know that is strange…

I would like you to check this setting if it is correct or not on GAIM ( Currently the Jabber Client, I am planning to use)


Screen name: user


Password: anything

does that look correct for you??

it looks correct

Things to look for/check:

  • can you connect via telnet to the server?

try: telnet 5223

you should be able to connect, if you can’'t then there a server problem

  • is your client trying to use SSL? If so, is the server set up to support SSL?


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