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Configuration possibility and contacts management disappered after upgrade to 2.8.2

Dear Community,

I’ve noticed that after upgrading my client application to Spark 2.8.2 I can’t perform any configuration of it (except language change).

I can’t even add or delete contacts!

can please help me to solve this somehow?

I’ve tried to delete spark.properties to make it genereted by default, but it didn’t help. neither i’ve found any useful settings there.

Regards, Roman

You are probably using old version of Client Control plugin on the server. If you are running Openfire 4.0.0 or newer, just update that plugin and restart Spark. If not, then downgrade to 2.8.1 of Spark.

Or, if you don’t need that plugin, remove it from the server.

thanks, I’ve advised our IT to update it, it’s not under my control.

meanwhile I’m downgranding to 2.8.1