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Configure a custom file transfer proxy port


i have configured openfire to run the file transfer proxy port on a different port number other than 7777.

i have a smack client that should be made aware of that different port number. how can i configure

my smack client to use a different port for file transfer proxy? the only port in the connection configuration

is the xmpp connection port:

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/smack/docs/latest/javadoc/org/jivesoftware/ smack/ConnectionConfiguration.html

where can i set a different port number for the file transfer proxy in smack?



i found in smack 3.2.1 the method setLocalSocks5ProxyPort:

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/smack/docs/latest/javadoc/org/jivesoftware/ smack/SmackConfiguration.html

however i’m using 3.1.0, and the method isn’t in that version of the class.

is there another class i could use (or java property i can set?) to set the port?

i decided to just update to the lastest version (nightly build for today).

Hi Augusto,

I am trying to change the file transfer proxy port to a different number since it is in conflict with another app. I don’t see in the admin console of openfire any option to change this, how did you do it?

Thank you!!!