Configure AIM Transport to reconnect when the tcp socket is disrupted

We have a jabber server with the AIM Transport installed. Our connection to the internet is a dsl line, that from time to time, goes down momentarily (1- 3 seconds) and comesback up. I have noticed that all the connections on port 5190 are severed and yet, The Transport, still thinks it’s connected. Is there anyway to tell the AIM transport to periodically check the connections and make sure they are valid.


Well, the odd thing is — you -have- to check the port for the OSCAR protocol. You have to send regular keepalive packets or they sever you. If you go under registrations after this occurs, do you see the accounts in question showing as logged in?


If we go to registration after the socket has been closed by an external event, all the registrations still believe they are connected. It’s like the transport sessions are not wired into the socketClose event. So when someone other than the transport themselves closes the socket, the transports still thinks they are connected. Am I correct in thinking that the transport sends regular keep alive packets to AOL? If so, does the transport expect to get a answer back from AOL? Does it even check? I’ve tested this on 2 different openfire installations, and I see the same result. To replicate the problem, I installed openfire on a windows server, then using a tool from sysinternals call TCPView, I forcibly closed all connections that connected to a remote port of 5190. I’d then go back to openfire and I would still see the registrations online and running. If you want screenshots, I can post them.