Configure Openfire without opening admin console


I want to configure Openfire without opening the admin console. I tried different approaches e.g. configuring openfire.xml with required options and adding true. I have also given it a try by adding the required fields in backend database (Microsoft SQL server). The main problem I am facing right now is that users are not able to get logged in to the server once the server gets restarted. I try to login with spark and it says “Invalid username or password”. Worth mentioning here is that every thing works perfectly fine if I do manual configurations.

Im curious what your reason is for not going through the initial setup and just being done with it?

Because sometimes we don’t have a single server to deploy, we may have 10s, 100s or thousands. Or possibly, we have less qualified people on the ground and need to get them up and running. Perhaps we need to rebuild a number of servers and don’t want to have to logon to each and every server to configure it. Perhaps we want to ensure that each and every server is configured consistently. Virtualized and development environments also come to mind.

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