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Configure proxy in xmpp file transfer (Extension EXP-0065)


I am using XMPP-0065 at iPhone side but getting below error.

`Server: testXyz



From one of answer on stack overflow I came to know that On OpenFire, I needed to set the ip of the proxy using a system property of xmpp.proxy.externalip. But I have installed open fire on my one of machine of local network.
So, what should be the value of xmpp.proxy.externalip here this property?

Following already tried as a value of ‘xmpp.proxy.externalip’

  1. PC’s IP(local ip shown by ipconfig command)
  2. IP shown by what’s myip website.

Do I need to set any other properties on server? and what is the reason for this error. All this things are new for me simple explaination would be quite better.

Any help would be appreciated.