Configure Spark IM Connection Through ISA Server 2006


I have a problem here, to configure SPARK IM Through ISA Server, I need help to do this configuration.



You need to give your server a real world FQDN (fully qualified domain name). This means a name that can be resolved from outside your network through external DNS servers. I hope that your internal Domain translates into a real world domain (ie real world = , internal =, FQDN = You need to configure your ISA server to pass all the data on the ports list on the Server Information screen of the openfire admin page from an outside IP address to your internal IP address. This needs to be bi-directional. I can not provide specifics on how to do this on your ISA server. Make sure external and internal DNS resolve the server at the same name. Make sure that openfire has been configured to this FQDN. you should be ready to go.