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Configure spark interface to add shortcut messages

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction with my problem.

I’ve inherited an openfire/Spark installation that I need to edit.

The Spark IM client has been modified so that instaed of the emoticon shortcut just above the message text entry box and to the far left of the ‘register’, ‘change subject’, Configure room’ and ‘Always on top’ icons so that it looks like this:

<<edit: the embedded image did’t render so here’s the screenshot: http://www.kent.ac.uk/psychology/downloads/spark_configured.png >>

These 3 text links generate pre-defined messages that then appear in the conversation text area above.

I’ve looked everywhere in the Spark documentation and also in the local configuration but cannot see how this was done but I need to edit it.

Does anyone have any idea how this was implemented?

Many thanks,


This was probably done by editing Spark’s source and compiling own branded version. Can’t say which file of the source you should edit (maybe in ChatFrame.java file). If you are not a java programmer, then you should find one, or the one who did these changes. Maybe he can send you edited java file or point where those changes should be made. Then you can download the source, replace the file, compile new version, take the spark.jar file and replace it on every computer in Program files\Spark\lib

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Thankyou - spot on, though they’d done it as a plugin.

I found a myplugin.jar file lurking in

…program files\spark\plugins

when I dropped it into place on the new machine it picked it up when I loaded Spark and worked straight away.

all i need to do now is try and get the java source for it

you can try unpacking the jar and see if they packaged the source with it…

jar’s are just zip files, so you can use any unzip program to unpack it (7zip, winrar, the windows default unzipper, etc).

if it’s in there, it probably will be under a src/ directory or similar. you can just search for *.java files (.java extension is java source files)

if it’s not there, then you’ll need to try to find the original source :confused:

last and least elegant (and likely most difficult) is to use a decompiler and decompile all the .class files, and attempt to rebuild them from the newly generated source files. i say least elegant and likely most difficult because decompilers may not correctly figure out everything (depending on target version of java the decompiler supports) and there will be no comments in the code. :confused:

Thanks again

I was able to view all the contents using 7zip. unfortunately making changes and rezipping manually doesn’t seem to work so I’m now looking at sparkplug however i can’t seem to find a copy of sparkplug.zip or Sparkplug.tar.gz which are referred to in the docs.

the sparkplug kit is at: http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/spark/sparkplug-kit.jsp however it is outdated now, but should still serve as documentaion and as an example.

regarding re-packing your jar – you should use java to do this: