Configure the default room configuration

Hi, is there a way to configure the default settings in the room creation form sent to clients? For example I’'d like rooms to be non-anonymous (i.e. set the field ‘‘muc#roomconfig_whois’’ to ‘‘anyone’’ not to ‘‘moderators’’) unless the room owner changes the default configuration.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ian,

Default properties/#roomconfig_* for MUC rooms are hardcoded in Looks like the only option you have is to modify the file and recompile Wildfire. Particularly, the #roomconfig_whois in the source is refered to as canAnyoneDiscoverJID. To enable it by default:

private boolean canAnyoneDiscoverJID = true;

Or you can vote for JM-79 and hope

Hi Oleg,

It was there since 2004. How many votes are normally needed to place it in the main dev stream?

That long? Was thinking it’'s from 2005. I think votes are mostly a psychological effect for voters Well, sometimes features only with one (or zero) votes are incorporated and sometimes it takes very long to solve issue with 20 votes. They say that votes help to set their priorities, but this is not like that when n votes can make them to solve something in n days

You know what? I’'d been thinking the same way about that voting thing

JEP-0045 has undergone quite substantial modifications recently. Lets hope that this would trigger a major effort to enhance Wildfire-MUC and they don’‘t forget to take out the hardcoded MUC defaults and place it in Jive’'s property table.

Thanks aznidin, that was exactly what I needed to know.

I had the same problem. I submitted a patch to Matt today for review, so with a little luck JM-79 can be closed soon. If you’'d like to give the patch a try, drop me a note at guus at

Shameless bump. Matt/Gato, have you had time to take a look at this? Is there any progress on JM-79?