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Configuring multiple groups in BASE DN

Hello, tell me please how to specify in BASE DN several groups
There are 3 groups allowed:

  1. group1
  2. group2
  3. group3
    All in the same domain
    I am writing OU = Group1, OU = Group2, OU = Group3, DC = test, DC = en
    It gives an error!
    OU = Group1, DC = test, DC = en
    everything is working
    I also want to know how to make 3 groups - what would you open and in the tree was distributed across the Group
    eg :


Hi @deni

You should config these properties:

  • ldap.baseDN: **dc=“yoursubdomain”,**dc=“yourdomain”,dc=“com”
  • **ldap.groupSearchFilter: (objectClass=organizationalPerson) **
  • ldap.groupSearchFilter: (&(objectClass=group)(|(cn=Group1)(cn=Group2)))

LDAP Query Basics

Openfire Properties

Hope it helps!