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Configuring OpenFire for high throughput


I’m using OpenFire for internal communication between two system components (no more than 2 “users” are connected to OpenFire at any time). However, these two components exchange lots of messages. Currently I’m seeing that messages are dropped from time to time.

Is there a way to configure OpenFire for high throughput? (be it on OpenFire’s side or on the OS side - I’m using CentOS linux)



Well, first thing:

Find the reason why messages are droped. Where is narrow point in system:

  • check network: bandwidth, simultaneous connections allowed, firewall ant throttling modules, network card IRQs and so on …
  • check CPU usage
  • check memory usage
  • check Database usage and overhead.
  • see log files for more detailed output.
    Second step: Disable all unneeded modules! Especially archiving and monitoring. Please check here.

You can try to disable compression and encryption if your environment allows it.