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Confirmation Email at Registration - How?

Hey guys, I’m trying to set the server up so that whenever a user registers they receive a confirmation email. Also, if possible, would like to have a reset password through email feature.

Any ideas how to do this?

Haven’t heard about an option to do email registration, but there is a plugin for password resetting, provided by a community user http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1240

To add to what wroot already wrote, it would certainly be possible to expand the password reset plugin, or build a new one, that implements the UserEventListener interface which fires off an email when a userCreated event occurs.

Hope that helps,


Yes. But as i think more about this, it looks more complex. He probably wants for a user to press on a confirmation url. Then there should also be a part of that plugin listening on a server for such callbacks.

Oh, I see what you’re saying. It’s still be doable but would be a bit more complicated since Openfire doesn’t have a way to set a user account as pending or disabled. To get around that limitation, I could see creating a mechanism where when a userCreated event occurs that username is added to some sort of “blacklist”. Then when any user signs in the plugin checks that blacklist and if they’re on it they get kicked out. As far as the having the plugin send an email with a unique confirmation url that would take a bit of time but be pretty straightforward.

Actually, there is an option to lock out a user. So this plugin might lock a new user after its creation and then unlock after it gets confirmation.

Actually, there is an option to lock out a user.

You’re absolutely correct. That would certainly make the plugin easier to implement.

Did anyone ever end up making a plugin for this? If so, I was hoping to make a custom login wrapper, and I’d love to see some source for something like this.