Conflict of Openfire with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console

Hi everyone.

Right now I´m trying to install Openfire in a windows server 2003 that has a setup with Symantec endpoint protection manager console. It appears that the console works with tomcat, because when you try to launch openfire´s admin. console, or when you type in the address bar of the browser http://localhost:9090/, it appears a symantec console´s message. Also, I´ve tried to access to some sort of tomcat´s admin. console typing something like http://localhost:9090/admin, http://localhost:9090/html or http://localhost:9090/manager but in either case it finish in a tomcat´s error 404. Could it be possible to install another tomcat´s setup?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

edit your openfire.xml file’s adminConsole tag. This file is in c:\program files\openfire\conf. Change the ports to something that is available on your server like 10090 and 10091:

10090 10091

stop the openfire server before editing.

It works. Thank u for your fast and accurate answer!