Conflict when logging with the same userID and wrong password


Solution I want : Suppose a user “user1” is logged in. Now i again wants to login with “user1” then the old session must be terminated from the Jabber server and new session must be kept alive.

This solution is working with the Wildfire server.

But actual problem is here

Problem : Suppose a user “jitu” is already logged in. Now i send a login request for user “jitu” with wrong password and same Resource (which is already occupied by the “jitu”) then both the sessions are terminated. But ideally only session session should be rejected from the wildfire.

i am using telnet for simulating this.

with NON SALS auth.



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I found the solution:

in “server settings” section of Admin console > “Resource Policy”

select “Never Kick”

thats the solution.

Thanks to me…

I think my solution is not feasiable.

B’'cos any body can kick another user by giving his userid with wrong password.


In fact I have the same problem.

When I have a user already logged and that I try to connect the same user from a different machine, first user is kicked even if the password of the second one is false. This problem occurs when I try with Psi but with Spark it behaves nice.

The work around with the “Never kick” option is not wished

I tried to find any bug related to this problem in the issues but I wasn’'t able to find anything. Is there a bug opened ? Should there be one ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Jitendra,

I did create JM-859 - it seems to be only a problem for port 5223 / old SSL.