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Confused - Connecting Pade client with Openfire server

Hello! First I must say, very impressive work. This program is seriously going to be in high demand, oh my. I was able to get the Openfire Meetings to work over a couple of evenings over LAN and then using VPN and SoftEther using a standard Windows 10 install, however I have not been able to ultimately get any Pade extension to connect. I am using Microsoft Edge as well.

Maybe I am confused about the Pade extension and XMPP domain and what I should be entering and where. Do I need to set the domain name and server name the same, and to something proper with a “.co.us” ? I do not have them set with any extra periods, both server host FQDN and XMPP domain are set to “qethics1194”.

Unfortunately I can not find a video tutorial covering connecting everything from the beginning, I can easily see this being of common and strong request. (and if I can figure this out, I will be glad to make a tutorial covering this)

I am stuck in the connecting loop or being thrown invalid domain name / password in the Pade extension. Thank you for any help!