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Confusion during service discovery with GoogleTalk client


I send IQ like that to Gogole Talk client

but response is

But trying to query legitimate Google talk client! What I’m doing wrong?!
The same if contact logged under browser with video supported, what I’m looking for is this:

<feature var='urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:rtp:


I know that I have Google talk Web Plugin which supports all that!?

Help please.


think, that google talk client uses extended special gtalk XMPP protocol, you can sniff all the packets sent and recieved by gtalk client and compare with your client.


Not much I can sniff, it is all TLS… unless try to sniff on client which works from gmail page if it uses HTTPS i can try to do MtM thing with proxy.


Impossible to snif, chat client doesnt connect if certificate is not legitimate…

What to do?! what to do…


Have you tried sending the disco#info request to a full JID?