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Congrats to wroot!

Congrats to wroot, who has hit 300 points and now has a gold medal next to his name!


Thank you, thank you I wanna thank my family, my wife, my chil… oops… wrong ceremony

Ok, golden at last What’'s next? A developer? Joking

hmmmm, shiny!

Congrats wroot.

Thanks, Guus. It was yours last five points

Oh, that makes me feel all warm inside.

Wh00t… no WROOT! Congrats and we’'ll be seeing you at the Oscars (not Oscar Meyers)… You go guy!

Ok, golden at last What’'s next?

Time to create more categories, but first I think we should celebrate the first Gold ranking for a bit. Of course, Ryan would be Gold as well, but became a developer instead!