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Connect directly to MSN / Yahoo


I have installed openfire & am able to chat with yahoo & msn IDs. But I have a slightly different objective.

I do not want to depend on a particluar yahoo ID to chat with yahoo buddies.

Can I chat from pattar@xxx.com to abc@yahoo.com directly without having the ID pattar@yahoo.com.

Thanks in advance


Nope, that would require Yahoo and MSN and such to actually implement XMPP for communication. (you can’'t send messages on their networks unless you are sending through an account)

Thanks for your response. I have one other doubt - a work around if possible

Can I have one common account say xxx@yahoo.com (which as an admin I will create & maintain) & map all the chat accounts i.e. abc@xxx.com, def@xxx.com etc to the yahoo account xxx@yahoo.com & then enable them to chat?

Thanks in advance


Nope. It’'s generally one tcp connection => one account.