Connect http file upload to Ubuntu Samba Server

I am attempting to connect the http file upload plugin to an Ubuntu Samba Server on the same network. My Samba Server shared folder is set up to allow public access without login requirements. And I’ve set folder permissions to -R 777.

I can access the shared folder from the ubuntu machine that I’m running Openfire with the following command - smb://IP-address/public. However when I put this command into the plugin.httpfileupload.fileRepo property, I get an Internal Server Error.

I can get this working for a local folder on the same machine, but I’m not sure about remote. Can anyone suggest the right remote address to put in the fileRepo property?

I’m using Openfire 4.7.5 and Http File Upload 1.3.0

Anything interesting in the Openfire logs?

Does this work when the samba share is mounted to a local directory?

I actually decided to give NFS a try, and got it working. The trick was mounting a local share. Although I didn’t try Samba with a local share, so that might work as well.

Thanks for your help!

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