Connect servers from different domains

Hello, I wish someone has some information about this, maybe it is not even possible. I am a consultant for a franchise group and although all the companies under the franchise bear the franchise name, they are separate companies and entities, with the Windows SBS 2003 servers installed for their own stores and not exchanging any kind of information between them. I am already using WildFire in all of them with great success, it’'s a fantastic product. Recently we started to wander if it would be possible to connect the servers using IP and the TCP port required for connection but all we could find is connection through Domain and that would not work in our case.




where do you want to specify the IP address of the remote server if I may ask?

It may be possible to modify the local hosts file and add there the remote IP and the remote server name. So you should be ready to go, as long as your Wildfire servers have all different xmpp.domain names.


Thanks for the reply. I don’‘t know where to enter the IP address of the server, I expected to do that in the Wildfire administration but it asks for a DOMAIN there, so it won’'t work I guess. If I could point the IP of the other server it would be OK.

I cant use the Hosts file as the link has a Dynamic IP so I must use DynDNS…


changing the IP address every n days seems to be even worse than using a DNS name.

I assume that your dnyDNS name does not match the xmpp.domain name and thus you can’'t use it.

I can bring up another idea how you could solve it, using a fairly simple perl script or java program:

  1. IP=nslookup

  2. echo IP internal-xmpp-domain-name-1 > %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

  3. IP=nslookup

  4. echo IP internal-xmpp-domain-name-2 >> %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

  5. like 3.

  6. like 4.

… and so on for every Wildfire server

  1. ipconfig /flushdns

Run this script every 5 minutes to update the hosts file using at or cron.

Create a Wildfire vmoptions file which contains -Dnetworkaddress.cache.ttl=600 to make sure that the DNS cache of java also expires after 10 minutes.

I hope that this helps you to get a solution.