Connect to - Unable to locate the conference service

I’m running my own Openfire 3.6.4 server. From my Spark 2.5.8 Windows client, I log into my chat server. I would like to connect to the Ignite Realtime conference room from that login. I go to the Conferences tab, and choose to Add a Conference Server. When I enter the address ‘’, I get the ‘Unable to locate the conference service’ error.

I have Server to Server enabled in Openfire, and I have port 5269 open. When turning on Debug in Openfire, here is what I see:

2010.12.28 11:08:17 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=41139,localport=5269]
2010.12.28 11:08:17 Connection closed before session established
2010.12.28 11:08:17 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=41143,localport=5269]
2010.12.28 11:08:17 ServerDialback: RS - Received dialback key from host: to:
2010.12.28 11:08:17 ServerDialback: RS - Trying to connect to Authoritative Server: lookup:
2010.12.28 11:08:17 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=41145,localport=5269]
2010.12.28 11:08:17 Connection closed before session established
2010.12.28 11:08:17 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=41146,localport=5269]
2010.12.28 11:08:17 Connection closed before session established
2010.12.28 11:08:17 ServerDialback: RS - Connection to AS: successful
2010.12.28 11:08:17 ServerDialback: RS - Asking AS to verify dialback key for idfe4dda2e
2010.12.28 11:08:17 ServerDialback: RS - Key was VERIFIED by the Authoritative Server for:
2010.12.28 11:08:17 ServerDialback: RS - Closing connection to Authoritative Server:
2010.12.28 11:08:17 ServerDialback: RS - Sending key verification result to OS:
2010.12.28 11:08:17 Logging off on socket: Socket[addr=/,port=41143,localport=5269] session: org.jivesoftware.openfire.session.LocalIncomingServerSession@b9dd5 status: 1 address: id: fe4dda2e

When I look in Openfire under Sessions -> Server Sessions, I can see that there is a connection for, Outgoing. Should I not now be able to see this conference under my Conferences tab in Spark and join the conference room?



In Openfire, under Server -> Server Settings -> Security Settings, under the Server Connection Security section, check ‘Accept self-signed certificates. Server dialback over TLS is now available.’

The conference rooms now show up in my Spark under the Conferences tab.

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