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Connect to Wildfire through Google Talk?

I have been searching all day for this. Could someone please explain to me, if its possible to connect to a local wildfire server through google talk? And if so, please explain how so?

I followed the tutorial for using PSI and google talk but it didnt end up working / I dont even know if it was ment for what im trying to do.


did you search the forum and did read Iota’'s postProblems with Google S2S ? Check your SRV Records?

I assume that “local wildfire server” is a one with an internet connection and port 5269 is open.


That appears to be talking about connecting to a Wildfire server using @gmail account. Ill go into a bit more detail about what I am trying to do.

I am currently using PSI to connect to a Wildfire server using:

Jabber ID: dsenos@hyu

Host: hyu

Port: 5222

Now rather then using PSI to connect I would like to use Google Talk to connect to hyu using my same Jabber ID, not a @gmail account.

As far as I know the Google Talk client and only be used to connect to Google’'s XMPP servers.