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Connect via web not locally

how can i set up wild fire to make spark connect via a web server so people not at my network can connect. example: i want to connect to spark using MSN’'s domain and not my networks IP…how would i do that so i can set it up to use my website URL


Hi Chris,

there are a few things in your post which irritate me.

The client Spark always connects to a XMPP server (like Wildfire), and this server may offer transports to MSN, ICQ, …

Spark does not connect to a webserver, but of course to a domain name like “jabber.org”.

If you want to setup a public XMPP server then continue reading.

While setting up Wildfire you did specify a domain name like “jabber.mycompany.tld” or just “mycompany.tld”. Wildfire binds to all available ip addresses unless other configured.

So maybe you need to change the servername (Server Properties, xmpp.domain).

Depending on where you did install Wildfire you probably only need to talk to your firewall administrator to get the ports opened and forwarded to your server.

Also in LAN environments you should use a DNS name and not the ip address to connect.


could you please help me try to set it up so that users outside of my network can acess it. i want to set it up to use the domain, www.game-butler.com which is my site…


setting it up externally is just the same as setting up internally with a domain. the only difference is, is that you need to allow the jabber ports through your firewall to the server. So first step is to setup your external dns entries just like you did for your internal users. Then allow either the SSL port (5223) or the clear text port 5222 port through the firewall to your server.

thats it

see i’‘m still confused i’‘m not sure why it isnt working… i opened the ports on my router too. but i’'m doing something wrong still.

Hi Chris,

would you please give some details about your physical setup?

I assume the following:

You are the owner of game-butler.com and could create other DNS subdomain records like jabber.game-butler.com

www.game-butler.com is a DNS name for a hosted web server.

Wildfire is installed on the same server?

If Wildfire is installed somewhere else then create a new subdomain like jabber.game-butler.com and direct it to the IP where it is installed.


yes i own game butler.com so all i need to do is go make a subdomain called jabber.gamebutler.com then then when i install wildfire i put that in for the domain?

wildfire is currently installed on my PC

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Hi Chris,

if you have a static IP that will be fine. Make sure that your DNS provider offers you the possibility to create subdomains, so you can create one pointing to the IP of your router.

If you are using ADSL and have a dynamic IP then you’'ll likely be not allowed to update the DNS record every n hours. So either install Wildfire on your server if this is possible or look for a dyndns provider which allows updating the IP address every n hours.


i’'m just not understanding this, i will give someone acess to everything if they can help me out please.

Hi Chris,

well, you should know if your local PC / router has a static or a dynamic IP address. This is something your ISP will tell you if you don’'t know.

If you are allowed to run a java application on your hosted domain or server will tell you the hoster of game-butler.com.

Maybe you can get them, I will need money and access to some sensitive data to get these information’'s for you.