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Connected to server and online, but can''t chat

I did some searching through the forums but couldn’'t find anything, but I was wondering if anyone has had any issues like the following:

I am connected to the server and both my chat client and the openfire admin console show me connected; however, when I try to chat with other users on the same server, they are not receiving my messages. The same goes for if they try to send to me.

The only way that I can fix this is by stoppinp/starting the server. I have to do this everyday. I am using the windows version of Openfire (3.3.1) and I am using Trillian as my jabber client.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Is your server name set? Do you see any errors in your server logs? Any errors in your client logs?

I also occur this problem, and also with 3.3.2.

see this post: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=26491&tstart=0

I am not sure what to look for. There are things in all of the logs but nothing that really stands out as an issue. the other thing is, what should the server name be? I have tried all sorts of different names and the only one that works witout SSL errors is just putting my domain name in and that’'s it.