Connecting Multiple servers using Spark Client (version. 2.5.8)


Could any one help me to configure Spark Client in such a way that I could connect to two servers at once IF it’s possible?

I am having account in two servers with different logins and I have to chat with all the contacts in both the servers.

Is it possible? Please respond.

Thanks in Advance,


Hi Vineeth,

Spark does not have support for logging into multiple servers/accounts at the same time. You can however create multiple copies of Spark (such as Spark.exe to Spark2.exe if you’re on Windows) and have them run at the same time.

Hope that helps,


In response to that, is there way to have one client communicate with multiple servers? That is, without having to install 2 instances of the client Perhaps a way for two servers to communicate with each other? Any help would be appreciated.


You could use the gateway plugin and configure the XMPP gateway for the second server.

Renaming the executable on Linux didn’t seem to work. I suspect because it still used the same ~/.Spark directory for configuration? As a work around I created an extra user on the machine and I can run a second instance of Spark as that other user and they don’t interfere with each other. In a terminal window, I run:

xhost +

export DISPLAY=:0.0

su - otheruser

Spark &