Connecting Spark to GTalk/Hangouts

Hello Community.

I’m trying to connect my spark client to my ‘google for your domain’ GTalk/Hangouts.

I tried multiple different settings and followed the instructions here. No matter what settings I choose, it comes back with “invalid username or password”.

I’m hoping to get this going in our office without having to create a spark server, and as far as I understand, you should just be able to log directly into google talk from the main sign-in page.

Any direction/assistance would be greatly appreciated.

PS: i currently have it installed on Arch linux but will be deploying across a multi-platform office.

It was possible to login to gtalk with Spark at some point (like 3-4 years ago). But then it stopped working. Most probably after some change on the Google’s side. Also gtalk is discontinued, though last time i tried it was still possible to login to gtalk via Kraken Gateway plugin for Openfire. So it probably should still be possible, but some changes are needed in Spark’s source.