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Connecting Spark to Openfire via Internet

Hey guys,

I am really loving Openfire and Spark. Our old messaging system is just terrible We have done our first wave of testing inhouse on the LAN, and everythign is workign great.

Now we need to open up OpenFire to allow a few remote users to connect.

I cannot seem to configure spark to connect to the OpenFire server properly.

The networking part should be right. We have Port Forwarding 5222 and 5223 to our OpenFire Server.

Here is what I am in Spark:



Server: External IP Address

When i attempt to login, I am greeted w/ teh followign error message:

Login Error: Can’t Connect to server: Invalid name or server not reachable

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to open additional ports?

Any help or guidance would greatly be appreciated

You need to have your server configured for external use from the start. This means the XMPP, Server Name, and Server Certificates must be an external FQDN such as chatserver.domain.com. Spark combines the username and server name to form the Jabber ID (or JID) for authentication. This JID must match the JID stored on the server or you cannot authenticate. You can fix this by re-running the config. To do this you need to:

  • Stop openfire
  • edit the openfire.xml setup tag to read false and save
  • start openfire
  • goto the openfire admin website and step through the config

Make sure you use FQDN for the server name.

Can you telnet to the ports externally, if not then you need to verify you port fowarding and access rules? If I remember correctly you get a different error (bad username/password) when your JID is out of whack and Todds response will fix those issues.

telnet YourExternalIP 5222

you should open all the ports for openfire:


Hey Guys!

I have the same configuration in my server but this does not work. Please advise.


I have done all like this. and my spark client connects to the openfire, but experience disconnecting continuously. and the fastpath doesn’t working at all. Please advice.

Openfire server needs to have a fully qualified domain name that can be resolved by external DNS. This means it should be something like chatserver.domain.com. If you use a name that cannot be resolved externally you will have problems. Make sure your server is entered into your firewall correctly and that it ports opened in both directions.

It seems the best way for you to go about this would be to create an A record under your domain like spark.domain.com and have the IP be your router’s IP. Then re-run the setup as Todd indicated using the newly created subdomain as your fqdn. Even if it’s temporary it would work for testing.

That is correct, I think.

  1. Make sure openfire has been configured to have a Fully Qualifide Domain Name that can be resolved from the internet
  2. Create an A record on your external DNS for the FQDN of the Openfire server (chatserver.domain.com)
  3. Create ip translation maps from the external IP to your server’s internal IP address in your router (this includes all the chat ports)
  4. Have all your clients use the FQDN in the chat client software for the server name


am also using openfire im server and spark as a client , i can able to login through spark it is showing the group name and the users in that group ,

the problem am facing is if the user is in online also, in the spark it is not showing online status only gray color ball it is showing, how can i get user’s online status plz reply me ASAP

Thanks in advane,


are you able to view fastpath tab on spark after login? does your server name and hostname match on openfire server admin panel view?


Thank u for your reply.

yes servername and hostname of openfire is matching with spark and fastpath tab is not apperaing in spark window , for that what i have to do dispaly the fastpath tab? if fastpath tab is display can i able to see the user’s online status ? plz clarify my dobts

Thank you,

Gomathi Nara

did u open the tcp ports 5269, 5222 on your firewall?