Connecting to Fast Path with XIFF

I am trying to connect my XIFF application to the Fast Path feature of Openfire Enterprise. I would like to create a Web Chat version in Flash. Has anyone had success connecting to a workgroup as opposed to just a room?



Hey Wes,

Spark implements the XEP-0142: Workgroup Queues to be able to join workgroups and accept support requests. The Workgroup Queues XEP is not implemented in XIFF so XIFF clients cannot be used with Fastpath unless the proper extension is implemented. If you are also planning to replace the web client with a flash application then you will also need to implement the XEP-0142: Workgroup Queues. The amount of work to implement the web client is lower than the one required by the agents.


– Gato

Hey Gato,

Thank you for the information. I will look at implementing XEP-0142: Workgroup Queues to see if I can get communication.

Thanks again,


did you ever get this working? I am interested in this as well.

Hi Wes,

I am planning on working on this soon and would really, really like to avoid code duplication. Have you made any progress and would like co-develop or share what you have ??