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Connection between 2 server

Hi all,

I have two servers jive-messenger in the big LAN, first in city A and the second in city B.

I WISH that, when a person in city A is connected in Server One, this person can search users that belong to Server two in City B.

I put the right permition in the Server Console the both server, in Server to Server connection.

Server One in city A:

In this server I have users created for example: jpinto@

Server Two in city B:

In this server I have users created for example: msaft@

I hope you can help with this question.

Thanks in advanced.

Hey absabby28,

I don’‘t know which version of the server you are using but you may want to use Wildfire 2.4.2 that supports secure s2s communication. Now let’'s see your case.

Are you being able to just send messages from jpinto@ to msaft@ and vice versa? If you are not being able to just exchange messages then you should enable the debug log and post the info you have in the debug.log file.

If you are able to exchange messages between servers and you are not able to send messages to the search service of the other server then you should also turn on the debug log and post the info you got.

Once we have that information we will be able to provide the next steps you should follow. BTW, make sure that ports 5269 are opened in both servers.


– Gato

Hi, I have the same problem, can find users if I add them explicitly. but would like to the search.service to do this.

When i try and add the search service of my the remote server it does not work even though i can see a session created in the admin console.

BTW i’'m using LDAP on one side but not on the other.