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Connection.connect(); deprecated, or something else?

Hello all,

I’'ve recently been getting really into the wildfire server and spark client. At work I am being asked to create a simple client for our site.

I have just started working with smack, but I am hitting a bit of a wall already… I have read the “Getting Started With Smack” and I am following it closely… now for some reason, it doesn’'t look like the connect method exists in the XMPPConnection object…



XMPPConnection connection = new XMPPConnection(server);



catch(Exception e)




That is my code… and connect() is underlined as if it is an error with “the method connect is undefined for the type XMPPConnection” as the description.

Now I know this has got to be something simple (yes I have imported the XMPPConnection object) but I can’'t figure it out, and being so new to this stuff, I could really use a hand… anything you can give me would be a great help!

Thanks a lot!


Okay I got it… looks like connect() was deprecated… Don’'t wanna sound rude, but someone might want to look at the Getting Started section?

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Got it, but the “getting started” document isn’'t good anymore…

Hi dewey,

The connection() method was added in Smack 3.0.

Check the last version at the SVN http://svn.jivesoftware.org/svn/repos/smack/trunk/source/org/jivesoftware/smack/ XMPPConnection.java

What Smack version are you using?




I am using 2.2.1… That was the one on the download page so I figured it was the most stable release… what’'s my best option?

Sorry for all the confusion, I am brand new to this stuff and well… it’'s confusing me :S

You may be seeing the documentation of 3.x. In previous versions the XMPPConnection.connect() did not exist, the connection was established when you create the connection new XMPPConnection(server);

There are lots of nice changes in 3.x. I recommend you Smack 3.x.