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Connection crashed when a lot of offline messages retrieves from server


When the user retrieves an offline messages and database have a lot

of them (really huge bunch),

then the server’'s connection thread eats up all of heap memory,

and crashes with “Out Of Memory” exception.

Part of messages (around 11.000) finally have been sent to recipient,

after that an all of offline messages assigned to that recipient,

were cruelly deleted from database.

In other words, some of messages will be never delivered.

I guess, the xml builder is the source of these troubles when try’'s to eat more

than it can.

Any other suggestion? Can it be fixed?

PS: At peak, this thread loaded my Dual Xeon 2.8GHz up to 50%

Hey Jamjam,

Thanks for the bug report. I created the issue JM-513 for this problem. Feel free to vote for it to raise its priority.


– Gato

Thank you!

Btw, i forget to tell some technical info, i think, it may help you repeat situation:

Server: Wildfire version 2.4.1, nightly build “wildfire_2006-01-10”

memory settings: default (64Mb).

Database: (doesnt matter) MySQL 5.0.18

1 user is registered, all of messages belong to him

Before user connected:

30,833 offline messages, raw weight: 6.5 Mb (MySQL Admin report)

After connection crashed:

~0…1 offline messages,

user received: approximately 2500 messages

( i tested many times and each of results have different value )