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Connection issue from different place

Hi Support,

we have installed openfire and configure spark … also created users at Head Office

and now from different location, i am trying to connect … but unable to login.

what setting need to be done at head office computer … Pls confirm

OR at client side



I assume you have Openfire installed on some computer in your internal network in the office and you want to connect to it from a different network (cafe, home)? Then you should make your server accessible from the Internet (if you have a router\firewall - open 5222 port and forward it to the computer you have Openfire installed on). You also should use some resolvable domain name to connect to your server, like mydomain.com. And your server should have the same name (mydomain.com). If you don’t have that, then you can try using external IP of your router to login: first go to Advanced settings in Spark and uncheck automatic host discovery and put your external IP as a host. Then on Spark login window put your server’s name (say it is “chatserver”) into Domain field.