Connection issue with new 3.10

Greetings humans!

I have been running spark for my IT team (team team team) for over a year now without issue.

well 2 months ago word got out that there was a chat system, and slowly people have been added to it.

We use LDAP sync so I don’t need to create accounts or handle passwords.

anyway i just upgraded to 3.10

and I’ve run into some issues i am hoping to get some help with.

client disconnects

randomly I’ll get this message in my chat window “Your connection was closed due to an error”

at which time spark has to reconnect to the server.

this happens to everyone at the same time (which is why I think it is a openfire issue)

a few times I was RDP’d into the server at the time it did this, i never lost connection.

on side note (may or may not be related) openfire never gets over 24-25 client connected at the same time (we have over 25 users)

client logs don’t show anything for the time and date of the disconnection.

I have connected to this chat system on another server located on the same host (ESX)

so there is not real switch between them and it shows the same disconnections

Spark 2.7.0 (some still on 2.6.3)

Openfire 3.10 running on Server 2008 R2 (ESXi)

AD Integration

any ideas to my random disconnect issue?


Watch your CPU usage during such disconnects. It is probably the same issues reported in Re: 100% CPU Usage