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Connection manager and WAN Link


We have one main server and several connection managers across WAN Link on our test platform, we would like to

know if local traffic on a site where a connection manager exists uses WAN Link for data transmission or not (I suppose authentication and presence notification does it but I am wondering for chat traffic).

I cannot find a detailled description of the connection manager operation mode



everything in the xmpp session goes through the connection manager (auth, presence, chat, MUC). Also in-band file transfers will go through it.

Normal file transfers, VoIP or jingle calls are no native xmpp traffic, so they’'ll use a direct connection, a proxy or fail completely.



I setup ethereal on my main server and I saw yesterday that all my chat traffic pass through the connection manager and then reach the main server to be resent to the connection manager to be delivered to the other personn: the two personns are connected with the same connector in India and the traffic reach the main server in France … it s not bandwith friendly

Finally I have to use another server instead of a connection manager but if I do that I have a problem with presence status between the two servers … if you have a solution for this problem I m interested to know it.


as described in http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/wildfire/connection_manager.jsp a CM does not replace a server. It should be used for scalability and may be used for security.

You may want to mark this Q as answered and post a new thread regarding the s2s issue, probably with more details.


In fact connection manager does not match my needs so I will setup several servers and so will post a new question regarding presence status in s2s