Connection manager branch 3.7

Hi everyone,

The following page has packages for version 3.6.3.

This version is quite old, and does not include major compatibility fixes, like this one . In my opinion, people running the 3.6.3 version will quickly encounter issues that are not present in the 3.7 branch.The 3.7 branch is, I think, stable enough to be released (last patch in 2010), unless of course if there are majors bugs I’m not aware of.

I think it would be for the best to build and package the 3.7 branch, and to advertise that version as the latest stable (instead of 3.6.3).

Or maybe to skip 3.7 and go to 3.8 directly, branched from master (it seems other useful improvement have been made too).

Or to change the page to remove packaged versions, and ask users to build latest version from master. But I think most people are reluctant to tie productions servers to a master’s latest commit. So the sensible way for users right now is to build versions from specific hand picked commits, or from forks. And this is not very user friendly.

Thanks in advance.


We currently have no maintainers of this package. Do you wish to take on that task?


Unfortunately, I don’t have the time resources to devote these days :S . But I’ll definitely consider it if I have more leeway in the future.

Meanwhile, I’ll publish my fixes/improvement on Github, and tag versions whenever I’m confident enough regarding stability/performances.

Thanks for your time.

Please do! I love the idea of using the connection manager as a reverse proxy. Its missing s2s, but still works well for clients.

After I had a better look at the connection manager, here’s my (personal) conclusion :

I will not use connection managers in my company’s infrastructure.

There’s a good reason it’s not maintained anymore : you should not need it ! A standard openfire server with adapted configuration is able to withstand tens of thousands of users. The separation of “connection managers” handling exclusively user TCP streams + TLS + compression is not very relevant anymore. IMHO the way to go for load balancing is to clusterise Openfire instances and corresponding database.

If, at some point, it appears that connection managers are needed again, I believe the most important thing to do is to find a way to share code with Openfire. Most of the connection handling is the same, but since the code was copied, the connection manager has not got fixes and improvements made for Openfire. Every bug I’ve found so far has already been fixed in Openfire’s codebase.

Hope this will help others