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Connection manager https

Hi all,

I am trying to enable https in connection manager. I have the http bind settings in manager.xml to the correct port. I have also followed the ssl instructions in

http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/connectionmanager/trunk/documentation/do cs/ssl-guide.html

It seems like the tcp port, tcp secure port and the http port are working fine, but the https port is not coming up.

Anyone tried https with connection managers before? Any setting that needs to be turned on?



Finally compared openfire source and connection manager source and found the issue. Seems like the isCertificate method in org.jivesoftware.util.CertificateManager.java of connectionamanager compares the identity from the certificates with ‘*’. This always fails. In openfire the same method has been modified to do comparison of *s and in some special cases something different.

this is how I solved it if anyone might need the same feature.

Download openfire 3.6.4 source and connection manager 3.6.3 source.

Replace the isCertificate(…) method in org.jivesoftware.util.CertificateManager.java of connection manager with the corresponding method implementation from Openfire-3.6.4

from connection_manager_src/build, execute ant jar and copy the target/lib/cmanager.jar to your connection manager lib folder.

For ssl certificates first create self signed certificates in openfire and copy the contents of openfire’s resources/security folder to connection managers resources/security folder. Configure conf/manager.xml

Start connection manager.


as there is only one org.jivesoftware.util.CertificateManager package I really wonder how the connection manager can use a different version of it.

Does the current release of the connection managers use out-dated Openfire classes?


I compared the source code of conneciton manager 3.6.3 and openfire 3.6.4 the current stable releases, and they do have different code in this package.


I did create OF-360 and hope that the next version fixes this problem.