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Connection Manager installation on Windows 2008 server

Hi guys,

I am planning to install connection manager on our Openfire server but have a couple blank spots in the installation guide.

Where it is saying :


  • Uncompress connection_manager.zip to
    c:\Program Files\connection_manager

I extracted cm into Program Files but shouldn’t have I done it into C:\Openfire folder where the app server is installed ?

setup properties (xmpp.domain and xmpp.password) have been set but I got xmpp.domain from System properties and the password from Connection manager feature (attachment) that I had to set personally. Is this password is the general Openfire service password ? Or the way I did it was good (giving it into the Connection Manager option in the console) ? Cuz the CM did’t appear in the list.

  1. DNS setup is a necessary step as we do not have another Openfire server ? We just want to improve scalability.

  2. On the console, in Server Settings or in System properties, am I supposed to allow any other services/items ?



connection manager really shouldn’t’ be used anymore for scaling. it hasn’t been update in a long time, and doesn’t support things like s2s. Id look at clustering using the cluster plugin.

I think the only real use case for connection manager anymore would be if you wanted proxy inbound internet client connections from the internet to a server that sits on the lan. for example, you might have the connection manager installed on the dmz accepting client connections, instead of having your openfire server which may sit on the lan, exposed directly to the internet.