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Connection Manager or a second server?


I have this problem and I would like to know your feedback.

I have a company with 2 branches. One in Europe and one in Africa. They both communicate with a jabber server in USA across internet, which allow them to see each other.

Africa has a poorly internet connection, so most of the times Africa users are being logged off. I´ve thinked of a solution for Africa consisting in implement a second server inside the office and doing a server 2 server connection. This way at least if there were internet problems, the worst thing to happen has europe partners would be lost, but africa people never had the connection lost and could see each other.

My question is…should I use server 2 server or a connection manager ? If the connection manager lost communication with USA server I suppose the jabber clients would all came down…no ?



A CM in Africa that connects to Openfire in USA will not solve your problem because a CM is not an XMPP server and will not run on its own. And yes, when the CM’s connection to Openfire is down, your users connecting to the CM will all come down as well.

An S2S is a solution, but you will have to split your users into two groups. When the S2S connection breaks, users in Africa can still talk to each other, and so as users in Europe. However, each of the user groups will have to login into different server domains. For example, if all your users now login as user@server, when you implement an S2S, users in Europe can still login as user@server, but users in Africa will have to login as user@africaserver.

Thanks…that´s what I tought…