Connection Managers & Infrastructure

I’m hoping this is the right group, apologies if it’s not

I’m currentlyin the planning stage of rolling our Openfire across the organisation. The server would be hosted in the UK data centre. We have a reasonablly good WAN connecting NJ, IL, PA & CA in the US, with the speed obviously decreasing the further west you go.

Would there be any benefit in hosting a connection manger(s) at say the CA & NJ office whilst keeping the server in the UK? We’re talking users in the low 100’s at each US office. Or would it be better just to stick with direct connections to the UK based server?

Anyone used the connection managers got any experience to share?



It might be easier to answer this question if you provide real world speed numbers here. For instance some of my locations have a max speed of 512k to my server. This can lead to delayed logins but once the client is running it is quite responsive.