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Connection Problem!

I am new to Jabber.Recently I installed jive messenger 1.1 as my server on my local m/c(windows xp) and tried connecting to it using JAJC as the client unsuccesfully.They is nothing in the log files.How do I debug? I am using the embedded database.I have added a user via the admin tool but when I try to connect via JAJC it fails.Any help would be apppreciated.

Thanx in advance!

Any chance you can switch to using Messenger 2.0? There are tons and tons of bugs fixed, which might resolve the problems you’'re having.



most clients have a debug option where you can see the xml messages. Turn it on and if it doesn’'t have one test your sever with exodus oder psi client. Send the messages again to this thread and we can help you further.


ps: recent version of jive is 2.0.1 now! May upgrade first and the problems are hopefully gone.

I have tried the recent version and it still gives me trouble connecting.It says connecting Initialized and just waits for something to happen which does not happen. i guess. I may try using exodus or some other client.