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Connection problems when using Neos - fixed (sorta)

I’m running OpenFire 3.4.1 on a Windows 2003 machine. Everything works great, but I’m getting constant disconnects when using the NeosMT client.

I’ve tried using other clients and they work with no problem, but ideally I would like to get Neos to work here. I’ve even tried installing OpenFire on a different OS (Debian), and I was getting the same error.

What’s happening is that when the Neos client connects, after about 6 minutes it disconnects and I get the following line in the Debug log:

2007.12.03 14:18:11

Closing connection that has been idle:

org.jivesoftware.openfire.nio.NIOConnection@266b44 MINA Session:

(SOCKET, R: /, L: /, S:

Nothing else shows up in the Error, Warning, or Info logs. I use Active Directory and set it to log those issues as well, but so far nothing wrong with that. I’ve tried fiddling with all the options on the client/server (auto re-connect, idle timeouts, etc), and that doesn’t work.

Ok, in the middle of writing this I managed to fix the problem. On the Neos client, I turned on the “send keep-alives” and set it to a couple minutes and now it stays connected. Not ideal, but it works. I’m just wondering how it will effect performance. We’re only going to have like 20 users and the server is on it’s own machine with nothing else running (good specs too)