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Connection Security possibly bugged in Openfire 3.3.3

This is in reference to the post made here and the suggestion to create a new thread.

Up to this point, openfire 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 have worked just fine for me with no issues on any configuration I set it up with. Now once updated to 3.3.3, I am having connection issues related to the SSL/TLS security options in openfire. The above linked post has most of the details, but here are the cliffnotes:

Trying three different clients: Bombus (J2ME jabber client for cellphones. related cellphone has full socket connection support with no limitations) and Miranda IM (PC IM client with jabber plugin) and Spark.

Spark works in every config but being dev’d by the same company and not really being a PRIMARY client and more of a way to debug this issue, I have pushed it aside in this case.

Bombus: Can’t do SSL due to no support for self-signed certs in the phone JVM. With encryption required in openfire, bombus reads ‘login failed’ after it tries to authenticate. Security set as optional and SASL enabled on bombus (I ASSUME this is the same as TLS. If not, someone feel free to correct me), it hits the authentication stage and just sits there doing nothing till I close out of the app.

Miranda IM: Encryption required causes a ‘not authorized’ error to pop up whether I have it set to connect unencrypted, with SSL, or with TLS in the client options. Encryption optional it connects fine in all cases.

If someone could help narrow down the issue here, that’d be extremely helpful.