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Connection timeout

If a client’s network connection drops, how long until their buddies see a status change? Is this configurable?

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It should be relatively instant depending on connection speeds. Sometimes a connection will maintain a false state on the server but that seems to fairly rare.

I see now that if the socket

connection terminates unexpectedly, openfire sends an ‘unavailable’ presence to

subscribers, just as if the person logged off intentionally.

Thanks mts

Actually this is only partially correct. If I forcefully kill an XMPP client on a machine that’s connected to the network, the OS closes the underlying socket immediately. However, when the machine completely loses its network connection, and the OS hence can’t close the connection, it appears that I’m now at the mercy of the server machine’s tcp stack timeout value, which can be minutes by default.

It appears that almost all XMPP clients periodically send ‘heartbeats’ (whitespace) to keep the tcp connection from timing out. Some clients allow this period to be configured, others are hard-coded. Is there a server-side equivalent? Or do I have to set the tcp timeout value in the stack?