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Connections error openfire 3.6.3 behind Pfsense firewall


I have successfully ben running openfire localy in my network with NEOS 1.21 as client. Now i have configured my firewall so taht we can accept connections from outside the office…

If i connect internally to my openfire server ( , but if i reconfigure so that i instead connect to the real world ip i get problems.

As long as is activity there is no problem but after exact 20 seconds of inactivity a user gets disconnected with the message “error receiving from socket”. I can relogin again without problems but after 20 seconds it fails again, everything else seemes to work well. There is no differece in functionallity internally in the office if connect wih the lan ip or the real ip except for the connection problem.

We are using a PF sense firewall. As i am not getting disconencted when i am using the LAN IP i presume that there is a problem with the firewall. Does anyoone have any solutions for me. I know that it is probably not a Openfire problem but i post it her anyway as there are a lot of experienced people here.

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Resp. CIS