Connectivity to External IM

Anyone knows the steps which i need to do get my wildfire server to connect to MSN IM.


this is a very simple one (: Wait for Wildfire 3.1.0, there JM-770 should be included and thus you should have a MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and MSN gateway. It will be released the 7th September if everything runs fine.

Or you may want to try pyMSN, there are some threads in this forum how to do it … or that it is very tricky to get this up and running.


Do i need to declare anything to MSN or yahoo of this server. As in when my contact add me into his contact list, what nick does he use.


it’'s not released yet and you have already a question about the configuration. Maybe Daniel writes an article, currently is not really helpful for an admin or end user.


What i mean is that even if choose to connect using python, what are the steps which i have to do. As in do i need to apply to MSN site.

No, you don’‘t need to do anything apart from setting up the PyMSN transport. Basically it will talk to your Wildfire server, and act as sort of a proxy between Jabber messages and MSN messages. The transport logs into MSN as you (it does this for every user on your server who uses it). Your MSN friends still send messages to your MSN username, but when they come to you they’‘ll show up as (or whatever you happen to set up your MSN transport as). It’'s easy to use, though can be a little tricky setting it all up initially.

Thanks i will try it out. Hope it works

Note that you need a Jabber client that can talk to transports (jabber:x:registration protocol) for the setup, like Psi and unlike Spark. After this setup is done, you can use any Jabber client.

There’'s also a nifty little tool you can install on a web server somewhere:


It will let you register with a transport through a web interface, including handling all of the flood of “do you want to subscribe to this user?” messages for you. =)

Does anyone have an update to this plugin that will allow connectivity to MSN? I have been waiting a long time for somthing like this! Will this plugin be available to the open source community or only to Wildfire Enterprise? As well, I have read that spark is unable to interface to MSN through the current pyMSNt interface, is this the same with the plugin? Will spark 2.0 have MSN capability?



Hi Max,

as far as I can tell the gateways will be available within Wildfire as they are JM and not ENT issues. You can track the Wildfire and the Spark progress here: stem.project:roadmap-panel .system.project:roadmap-panel

So both available beta versions do (officially) not yet support gateways and one will need to wait for 9/7. I assume that Spark will then support Wildfires MSNt and pyMSNt.


Thanks! I will be counting the days…

I am still having problems with my python. Cant seems to get it to run.

Howdy! My plans are to release a beta of the plugin alongside Wildfire 3.1.0’‘s release. It has support for Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and ICQ, so to answer your question, yes, MSN will be available. =) It is open source (in fact you can check out the code from jive’'s subversion respository already) and will not require enterprise.


Thanks Jadestorm! Myself and I’'m sure allot of others appriciate your efforts!


Not sure, this might be a tyo, but it still says there are 5 days left on the MSN plugin…?

The numbers are actually kinda meaningless. ;D I stopped bothering to update it at one point.

I do have some mildly bad news at the moment… I am “stuck” on an issue at the moment and I don’‘t know if I’'m going to have the plugin out tomorrow. I expect to have it out very soon after, but possibly not tomorrow.

I’’ ve basically gotten to a point where I don’‘t think I can proceed until I’'ve got fresh eyes on it.

Still messing with it a tad though. We’'ll see.

Oh no. I am really waiting for it as i could not get the python to work. Will there be a beta release for what you have done. I do not mind testing it for you.

Oh yes, there will be a beta release. (in fact what I was putting out was going to be a beta release) As I’‘ve discovered with PyAIMt and PyICQt, I typically end up needing lots of other people to use it before I can track down what all can happen. You’‘d be amazed how different people’'s AIM/ICQ accounts are set up. =) So many times have I gone “how did your buddy list get set up like -that-?”

Anyway, I’'ll have the next two days and the weekend to get things cleaned up and ready. =)

Are you working on the MSN plugins also.