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I am a new user of Openfire. We have setup everyone in the office as one group.

How do we get the whole group to pop up when users login. I want all users of the group to

be indicated whether they are online/available or not. Then as they come on the indicator will change.

Also this will allow for sending messages to folks for their review when they return and/or check their messages.

This is probably elementary but please tolerate a new user.

This is probably elementary

yes, it is

  1. install openfire on your server and run setup.

  2. install a client software on each workstation (e.g. Spark, Psi, …)

  3. register an user account for each user. This can be done from client side or over admin console.

  4. create a shared group and add all user accounts (in admin console)

ask if you have questions…


mbonnie wrote:

We have setup everyone in the office as one group.

go to that group’s setup and turn on Sharing

I cannot find anywhere to “edit” group settings on the administator at the file server.

M. Bonnie

My IT folks installed the software. I shouldn’t have given the impression that I was that “elementary!”

I cannot find the area where the group is “shared.” I have setup various groups.

Click on the name of any of the groups that have been created an you should get the option to share the group. You may also want to enable Presence Service and Subscription Plugins for extra functionality. You also need to enable offline messages. The offline Users are automatically placed in the group called Offline Group in spark. This can be changed on each users machine via the contacts menu of spark.

Nothing happens when I click on the name of a group (left or right click).

I am in the “Spark” admin screen.

All the settings other than Offline Group are done on the Openfire Server.

Maybe you should talk to your IT, so they would explain you how to administer Openfire server.

Ok so completely off topic, how did you embed the image wroot?

mtstravel wrote:

Ok so completely off topic, how did you embed the image wroot?

It’s KeyContributor status. I have Insert Image button in message editor. Probably common users dont have one.

just not fair I tell ya.

mtstravel wrote:

just not fair I tell ya.

Maybe. Jive folks are very careful about giving the “power” to community users. Inserting of images, creating of documents, bug submitting (not all key contributors can do that either), polls posting and so on. I’m not sure, but i think this status can be achieved by simple points. Contribute - andyou will be awarded

Hi Todd,

You can insert images like how wroot did. Take a look at how here.

Thanks for the link, and that will work for me. I just like how his method uploads and embeds the image to the ignite server without separate hosting.

Hey Todd, you’re catching up really fast!

wroot wrote:

Contribute - andyou will be awarded

And behave - so that they don’t take it back

I wasn’t here the day he installed the application. Thanks. I wasn’t aware of the Openfire requirement.


Between you and mtstravel I’m on the trail. I found the Openfire application and I’m now poking around and

learning my way through it.

Thanks again,


Under User/Groups tab click on Group Summary. A list of your groups should appear. Click on your group andyou should see 2 buttons that say Disable Contact Group sharing and Enable Contact group Sharing. Click on the one for enable and the make sure the All Users button is checked then Save the settings.

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