Contact History Behaviour

I am not sure if these are features or bugs:

  • Broadcast messages do not show up in anyone’‘s contact history that I can find. This presents the situation where I can send a broadcast and there is no history of my having sent it or anyone having received it. So if I want to go look it up to get that link I sent to everyone, or if they want to look it up because they didn’'t bookmark it, there is no record of it.

  • Messages in chat windows are not “apparently” saved to contact history until the window is closed. There was a long standing bug where chat history contained within a window would be lost of Spark died or logged you out while the chat window was opened. I believe this has been fixed, but it would be nice if the contact history reflected the actual contact history and not merely the history up until the point the window was last closed.

If these are actually features and not bugs, I would be interested in seeing the reasoning behind them, I am quite possibly overlooking important reasons for these behaviours.