Contact list group name is blank

I’m using LDAP and I am able to pull in users correctly.

I am having difficulties with groups, but I have not seen this specific problem mentioned.

Groups are being created as expected and being populated with the correct users, but the “Contact List group Name” is blank. The result of this is that the groups exist, and are correctly populated, but the group can not be seen from the client. If the “contact List group name” field is edited by hand the group appears in the client correctly with the correct members.

Can someone tell me how to automatically populate this field so that the users will see the groups?

Here is my config, I have Wildfire 3.1.0 Beta 3 installed.


Hey Brent,

Currently Wildfire will not treat LDAP groups as shared groups. That means that you will have to log into the admin console and configure each group as shared. When you do that you also need to set the display name for that group. That value is going to be used when the group is displayed in the clients rosters. As you noticed if that value is not set then the group does not appear in the clients rosters. BTW, you can vote for JM-865 to raise its priority so that LDAP groups are considered shared groups by default.


– Gato