Contact list in Spark when connected to OpenFire


First of all i m almost sure that this is an question regarding OpenFire configuration, if its not please forgive me . I did an instalation on CentOS as a demo for my coworkers, one of the things we noticed is that on the friend list we only see the active directory username (instead of the full name). Is there anyway we can change the info that appears in the friend list? thanks in advance

I tried to see what i could change in OpenFire and i learned that when you add an contact from the search service if i change the NickName Field the moment i add the contact, lets say i put the name the way the AD displays it (manually of course) the name stick’s like that. The wierd thing is if i check the person’s profile the NickName is always setted up to the Full name displayed in the AD (i added it that way in the server settings) is there any way for the search service do fill up the Nickname as the full name?