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Contact list not appearing exclusively under Spark client


I’ve been running 2.5.8 under Windows for a while now with no problem, I am subscribed to a few gateways, all but yahoo work as they should most of the time, then I began to use the sparkweb client with no problems either. A few days ago I began to connect to my openfire server using windows mobile xmpp applicaitons, such as PIGEON! and IM+, the next day when i connected to openfire via the Windows Spark client my contact list wouldn’t load and while my presence in Spark showed me online, in the server web admin page I saw my connection appaear as offline and it only changes to online if i force status changes in the client. I have un/reinstalled the client a few times, removed the client data off my client and used a different client on a different machine with the same results, sparkweb still functions as normal. What could this be? Maybe I need to delete some data off the mysql db? I am now using Spark 2.6.0 beta 2 with the same results. Also I am authenticating via LDAP to a 2008 AD server, my other users that connect the same way do not experience this behavior.

Thanks in advance.

You can try to delete and recreate your account on Openfire server.

I would have to delete the account in AD, yes? Remember that I am authenticating via LDAP to an AD 2008 server.

Oh, i forgot about LDAP. Then i’m not sure how to do this and what effect this could have. We are using the embedded-db (should be same with external databases). And sometimes i need to delete an account if this user has renamed some contacts, as he won’t see any changes done on the server side, because server is storing his custom changes of the roster.

The issue corrected itself, not sure how but I will guess that it had to do with me removing almost every record in the database that had to do with my username, although even I removed such records from mysql I did not notice the problem had been fixed until the next day. I wish I had a better solution for anyone out there that may experience this same issue one day.